The City of El Cajon Modernizes GIS Technology

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Providing highly-technical solutions to complex problems is something  Quartic  excels at. However, fast-response and general staff augmentation can be just as necessary, which was an immediate need for the  City of El Cajon .

El Cajon’s small GIS team expertly tackles all problems thrown their way. Quartic was brought in to assist their efforts, reduce their individual workloads through automation, provide new capabilities, and upgrade/maintain their overall enterprise GIS system. Quartic provides Senior GIS Programmer/Analyst expertise available to support El Cajon’s GIS needs as they occur.

ArcGIS Pro Upgrade

Several of the City’s ArcGIS products, on both the backend and frontend were upgraded.  The City was supporting daily operations by using Environmental Systems Research Institute’s (ESRI) Enterprise ArcGIS System 10.7.1. Their work used to be done primarily in ArcGIS Desktop ArcMap and ArcCatalog, but now since ArcGIS Pro is available, those older user interfaces are slated for retirement in early 2026. Services published to ArcGIS Server were based on ArcMap runtime, which has been retired as of ArcGIS Server 11. The database was re-worked and is now in alignment with best practices better supporting versioned editing and logical groupings of data. Actively edited data that was in stand-alone file geodatabases are now stored in the centralized enterprise geodatabase. 

ArcGIS Server was upgraded to 10.9.1 to access newer capabilities allowing the City time to re-publish all services with ArcGIS Pro runtime and prepare for the 11. x version migration.

A new SQL Server enterprise geodatabase was built and all existing data migrated into it from the old database. This database structure implements smarter versioning and avoids using feature datasets as storage folders. Almost all actively edited data now resides in the enterprise geodatabase, consolidating it into a single production editing environment. 

ArcGIS Pro is now the go-to, and new attribute rules both maintain data quality and encourage program use.

With Quartic’s professional GIS support and Esri’s current software, the City has successfully resolved many legacy issues.  The GIS team now has access to current software capabilities, has better organized and maintained data, and has renewed confidence that the GIS system is in good shape and more able to support City operations going forward.

Efficiency Through Automation

The City of El Cajon has been working with Quartic to streamline, automate and upgrade many routine GIS data maintenance tasks.  For the City’s GIS staff, the manual GIS maintenance was consuming too much of their valuable time.  Since the work has been completed, the team has been able to be more efficient and put their energy towards other priority projects.  

Municipalities often share GIS data with neighboring jurisdictions and regional government agencies.  El Cajon is no exception. The City of El Cajon shares data with both regional GIS agencies:  SanGIS  and  SanDAG .  Keeping data current between government organizations can sometimes be a challenge. Quartic helped the City to improve these data sharing processes.  The previously manually downloaded data from the SanGIS/SANDAG Regional Data Warehouse has been automated. Python scripts have replaced labor intensive processes for download, extract, and data enrichment. These scripts also perform data administrative tasks such as cleaning up disk space.

The technology being used

Esri ArcGIS Technology

Data Currency Drive Success

With all of these changes/upgrades, there are no longer questions about where the data is located. The team knows that all the SanGIS data is up to date at the beginning of each month and can rely on its currency and authoritativeness. The new database is more performant than it was before. The team learned that migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro has a bit of a learning curve, but that was quickly shaken off with the proper guidance.  

With the initial upgrades complete, Quartic is now assisting El Cajon with several other projects that have been on the back burner. The variety of the GIS work is great and exactly what Quartic is established for; providing quality professional services for all kinds of GIS-related tasks. For example, the team has published the City’s historical imagery, created new enterprise feature classes with enforced data quality checks, published new services, and built web apps and experiences for both internal and public-facing audiences. Together the team developed a City asset dashboard, a FieldMaps application for fire inspectors, and a Survey123 application for bicycle registration, and helped update the City’s organizational theme for its ArcGIS Hub and web applications.

"The Quartic Solutions Team has really helped my GIS vision come to life here at the City of El Cajon. Quartic can take a project and run with it, they listen to what you really want, and then they create that dream that you have always wanted to do for your City.”

-The GIS analyst at the City of El Cajon

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