Our products & services provide your organization with the tools it needs to communicate effectively between the public, stakeholders, employees- or maybe all three!


Regardless of whether you are just beginning or you have an advanced system already in place, Quartic can help save you time, money, and increase your ROI as you take advantage of today’s spatial technologies.


Quartic offers clients full service ArcGIS Enterprise administration services. These are performed by GIS Architects with Esri Certifications in ArcGIS System Administration and ArcGIS Enterprise Administration and extensive experience implementing it since version 10.0. You can have confidence that it will be done on-time and properly when we install, upgrade, configure, or integrate your ArcGIS Enterprise.


Quartic staff is highly trained in Cloud configuration for ArcGIS Enterprise for various clients/needs. They have Azure, AWS, and Esri credentials that ensure best practices are followed for every deployment we are responsible for. In addition we partner with Red River for Managed Services.
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Most organizational data has a spatial component. However, standard business systems are not set up to handle this. For example, a work order system may have a list of open work orders, but without knowing their spatial proximity a dispatcher is not able to group field crew assignments by neighborhood. Integrating GIS with non-spatial systems unleashes the potential efficiencies of location. Quartic has a long history of bringing GIS together with asset management, finance, inventory, customer service, document management, and project management systems.


Data is the heart of GIS. In order for users to trust GIS they have to know that the GIS database is complete, up-to-date, and can be relied upon for decision making. The key to making this happen is to have clearly defined processes for, not only data input, but QC and maintenance. Quartic has over 15 years of experience solving all of the issues related to data collection, conversion, data scrubbing, and transformation of geographic elements and their attributes.


Quartic has extensive training and experience with all of the problems related to traditional relational database design and object oriented database design. Modeling is done with software tools such as ErWin, Visio, PowerDesigner. Existing systems can be reverse engineered for review and modification as necessary.


Quartic’s staff has extensive experience installing, configuring, and upgrading commercial software products on different platforms. We have installed all components of the ArcGIS platform and other components of GIS software on Windows, UNIX, and mobile systems for many clients.


Quartic’s executives began developing Esri-based applications in the 1980s, and since Quartic’s inception, has only hired the best developers. Quartic employs experienced GIS experts that have an in-depth history of developing geospatial applications. Quartic’s main approach to delivering the best GIS applications around is to keep system architecture designs simple and streamlined.


NG911 is the newest iteration of emergency call center technology.  It makes things easier in emergencies; pictures and video can be sent to first responders, more precise location information can be provided, and those with disabilities can access 911 without trouble.  The largest hurdle when migrating is the data- your current mapping data needs to be translated into the proper schemas.  We make the migration process easy and smooth for our customers!


Our product offerings are specially curated to enable businesses to truly harness the intelligence of spatial technology. Take a look at our product listings below. We are always adding new products, so check back often!


Street Sweeper is an intuitive tool for viewing and comparing planned versus actual street sweeping routes.   Both tabular and spatial data are stored and visualized accurately and real-time by mapping the Automatic-Vehicle Location (AVL) GPS points of the sweeper trucks and the recurring workorders stored in your EAM system.  By integrating fleet inventory, live GPS truck data, and workorder locations, Supervisors are abled to immediately respond to customer calls, identify discrepancies, and create new workorders if needed.


Quartic has GIS Analysts who are trained to participate in Disaster Response situations.  If you need staff who can be called upon to do short-duration engagements to support public safety and disaster relief, Quartic has pre-defined agreements outlining the nature of work we will provide (both pre-planned and unplanned) and the terms.  Tasks such as GIS configuration, data management, and mapping in an Emergency Operations Center environment are included and can provide your organization back-up support should the need arise.


Need help designing your GeoSpatial Cloud?  This pre-defined package, what we call GIS Enterprise 'Architect-In-A-Box,' will give you the confidence you need to move forward.  Quartic will review your existing ArcGIS Enterprise infrastructure, document your needs, and create a recommendation document for you to follow.  You will receive a detailed system diagram and action-plan for implementation.

Ready for Action?

Mapping and spatial analysis provide insight to a great variety of industries and markets. Quartic will empower your business by harnessing the intelligence of spatial technology.
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