Mapping and spatial analysis provide insight to a great variety of industries and markets. Quartic will empower your business by harnessing the intelligence of spatial technology.  Take a look at some of our industry area listings below.


Location Intelligence is valuable for a variety of market segments.  Here are a few of the business areas Quartic has applied spatial technology.

State and Local Government


We have implemented hundreds of location-based solutions to local and state governments.  Quartic is certified by Esri as a State and Local Government Provider.



Gas, Electric and Telecom Utilities are dealing with interesting industry changes that require spatial intelligence.   Quartic has worked with Electric and Gas Utilities.

Water and Wastewater

cupertino using the app

Managing our water distribution and wastewater collection systems require mapping tools to track asset inventory, maintenance activity, network connectivity, and unplanned events.  Quartic has enabled multiple water agencies to perform their functions more effectively by taking advantage of Location Intelligence technology.

Information Technology

Female and Male IT Engineers Discussing Technical Details in a Working Data Center/ Server Room with Internet Connection Visualization.

Quartic has a deep understanding of Information Technology (IT) and how spatial technologies fit in the overall IT Architecture.  We often partner with other Information Technology firms to provide expertise in technologies used for location based analysis. 

Public Safety

fire trucks putting out wildfire

Quartic has staff who regularly support dispatch centers providing location-based information and applications as required.  The Next Generation of 911 (NG911) is upon us, and Quartic is currently assisting clients to upgrade their road networks to the new standard.

Land Records


Land records are critical data that has an inherit spatial component.  Whether it is for planning, development services, real estate, site assessment, or tax collection, mapping parcel lines, lot lines, and district boundaries are typically a core requirement in any spatial study.

Data Science


Data Collection, Data Storage, and Data Access are all core challenges when handling Big Data.  Spatial data is often large and requires specific processes and tools for data management.  Quartic knows about spatial data.



Protecting the environment and our water, land, and air is an industry focused on the earth.  Activities like scientific research, governmental monitoring, or analyzing impacts all implicitly require spatial technology.



The Transportation Industry utilizes GIS to model, plan, design, and operate all modes of transportation.  Quartic has worked with road networks, fleet data, and public transit agencies.