City of San Marcos Makes GIS Data Available to Citizens

The City of San Marcos, CA Increasing Government Transparency with Open Data Access.

The City of San Marcos wanted to have a way to share mapping data easily and directly with citizens. They developed an easy to use website that is now open to the public. Check it out here:  City of San Marcos ArcGIS HUB 

The data site hosts a full range of GIS data, most of which is available for download. To make it easier to find specific datasets, the data were grouped into categories. Data such as parcels, roads, jurisdiction boundaries, addresses, parks, trees and more can be downloaded with just one click.

Interactive Geographic Data Download Site Using ArcGIS HUB

The website, called the San Marcos HUB, has showcased the City's interactive web maps and web applications. The engine behind the site is Esri's ArcGIS Portal HUB application. The site was developed by the City with the help of a San Diego based woman owned small business  Quartic Solutions . Quartic specializes in delivering GIS solutions to local government and utility organizations.

Visualizing the Status of Emergency Incidents

Incidents by Status, test data.

The City of San Marcos, CA Emergency Management Operations has implemented their Incident Status Dashboard using Esri's State and Local Government Tools.

The Incident Status Dashboard is a comprehensive web-based dashboard that offers information that may be used to make decisions and enables staff to give a more effective incident briefing.

More Information

Check out our partner Esri, and Quartic Solutions, to learn more about location technology and what you can do at your organization.

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