Emergency Management

Three members of Quartic’s staff attended a comprehensive three-day Esri training course in Redlands, CA covering the ArcGIS Solutions for Emergency Management.

The solution was developed from the expertise and experience of the Esri Disaster Response Program and incorporates a variety of tools to help emergency personnel respond as fast as possible. Training included lectures and hands-on experience with a variety of ArcGIS Online web applications, web maps, dashboards, ArcGIS Pro templates, and mobile applications such as Survey123.

The training started with an overview of the background for Esri’s Disaster Response Program and a series of success stories in using GIS software for disaster relief. Trainees then had an opportunity to download the Solution, configure a series of web maps and web applications, and walk through an ideal use case of the software. Esri staff who have been on-site during emergency situations were on hand to answer questions. On the last day, each trainee was given a simulated incident needed to walk through the proper response. Experienced responders then reviewed and offered feedback on the techniques used by each student.

Overall, the training provided a complete overview of the ArcGIS Solutions for Emergency Management and a series of methods for customizing the solution to the disaster at hand. The next step for staff who attended the training is to shadow Esri staff on a “blue sky” event- where the system is set up in a non-emergency situation. We are looking forward to the opportunity to visit our client sites and prepare them the same way we would want our own community prepared for an unthinkable event.

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