Esri Developer's Conference 2011

Palm Springs GIS Convention

Quartic staff attended the 2011 Esri Developer Summit in Palm Springs. Some of the main ideas we took note of are:

  • Market continues to shift toward more toward web, smart devices, and cloud computing. Esri responding by trying to make software more inter-operable and able to handle multiple platforms. They are standardizing using REST, HTTP, and Python throughout the product line. There will be no more DCOM.
  • ArcGISOnline functions continue to be expanded as an online center for all Esri applications.
  • Release of new product 'ArcGIS Runtime', with similar market as old Map Object applications.
  • Version 10.1 ArcPy (Python) enhancements are abundant. There are new mapping and environment modules which will make it much easier to management printing and SDE administration. Recommended Intro Python Book: "Learning Python".

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