City of San Diego Transportation Uses ArcGIS

In 2013, the City of San Diego added the Street Preservation Ordinance (SPO) to the San Diego Municipal Code. The City’s Transportation and Stormwater Department (TSW) manages the policies and procedures to minimize damage to public infrastructure and recover costs from excavations in the right-of-way (ROW). The SPO requires that utilities coordinate their infrastructure projects and set excavation moratoriums where pavement work has been done. From 2001 to 2017, TSW relied on a custom Interactive Mapping Coordination Action Tool (IMCAT) to coordinate projects in the ROW. In September 2015, the City began migrating to the Accela Civic Platform, and the Accela ROW Management Module was selected as the replacement for IMCAT.  Quartic Solutions was brought in to lead the creation, integration, and management of GIS data and processes into the new system. We also created a public-facing custom web app for ArcGIS Online.  

Accela ROW Management Module

The Accela ROW Management Module consolidates GIS and project information from multiple departments and systems, including utility data from Public Works, Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), Primavera project management, Development Services Department (DSD) permits, special events, and excavation moratorium locations. This information is analyzed by time and location to identify and highlight areas of potential conflict in the ROW.  

Quartic developed a series of scripts to feed the Accela API with data from the City’s Enterprise GIS and Primavera CIP management system. Through this development effort, Quartic worked with the City to identify authoritative data sources and enforce maintenance and content standards.

An ArcGIS Online Web App

The Project Finder Web App uses much of the same data as the Accela ROW Management module.  Python scripts were created to access the source data and refresh the map services every 2 weeks. The app lets citizens see city CIP projects, permits, special events, and moratorium locations. Searches can be done by address and filtered by project type. Project details and contact information are easily viewed by clicking on the map.  

View Project Finder Web Application Here

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