County of San Diego Migrates GIS Content

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The County of San Diego recently upgraded to a full ArcGIS Enterprise environment, and since then, the number of users accessing the Portal has increased. Users are creating maps, applications, and dashboards. They're now interested in reorganizing and moving some of the content previously stored on their internet ArcGIS Online site to the new intranet ArcGIS Portal site. Quartic staff and the County of San Diego GIS Analyst are tasked with this effort. When planning the migration, administrators identified the tasks required and identified out-of-the-box tools that could be used to make moving the content easier. 

Options for migrating content include Esri solutions such as ArcGIS Online Assistant, third-party solutions such as GeoJobe, and built-in ArcGIS solutions such as Portal-to-Portal collaboration groups. The County is partially complete with their migration and is moving quickly to finalize all content. Migrating from the ArcGIS Online platform to the County’s new on-premises Portal for ArcGIS is a multi-step process requiring moving many items from the internet to the County’s intranet. However, the tools discussed in this article make the process much easier.

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