Quartic Receives Esri Gold Partnership in the EPN

April 22, 2024: San Diego, CA—Founded in 2004, Quartic Solutions is a premier woman-owned geographic information system (GIS) services firm that recently became an Esri Gold Partner within the Esri Partner Network (EPN). This achievement marks a significant milestone in our collaboration with Esri to help our clients optimize their use of Esri technology. Headquartered in San Diego with representation throughout California, Quartic has a long history of delivering ArcGIS software services to state and local government and utility organizations to clients. 

Our mission is to help people accomplish more using GIS technology. We enable the government to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of systems, processes, and operations by utilizing GIS technology, ultimately for the good of the human condition and the environment. Our core service offerings are enterprise GIS (setup, upgrades), cloud GIS (setup, migration), GIS solutions (apps, mobile, web), and staff augmentation.

Our experts deeply understand industry-specific challenges and leverage their expertise to craft tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly into the broader organizational landscape for our customers. Significant time is invested in research and development to incorporate the latest GIS tools and technologies. We ensure all staff is kept updated with best practices from partners. We provide incentives and training plans to employees.

Steps to Esri Gold Partnership

The EPN is a worldwide company community that supports customers with business solutions, implementation services, and dynamic content by leveraging Esri technology across every industry. Quartic started the Esri Gold Partner application process in 2023. We take our business partnership with Esri seriously. We collaborate closely with Esri and work with Esri Professional Services, account teams, industry teams, marketing teams, and partner managers. 

Our business development team frequently and actively coordinates with Esri on open and upcoming opportunities. We’ve teamed with Esri on many projects and in many different roles. Quartic also has an open services agreement with Professional Services. 

“We’re thrilled to strengthen Quartic’s partnership with Esri by joining the ranks of Esri Gold partners,” said Jodi Luostarinen, CEO. “As one of the first partners to achieve the Esri Gold Partner status in our core industry, State & Local Government, this enhanced relationship with Esri will benefit us and our customers by providing greater efficiencies and tighter integration with Esri, improving geospatial collaboration.”

Quartic & Esri Partner Projects

Quartic’s EPN relationship has helped the company develop and maintain client relationships. Our team is set to continue supporting the City of San Diego, other government clients, and clients spanning multiple industries, including public safety, transportation, etc. We recognize that different clients have different needs. Everything from system architecture to user interface design is delivered to enhance functionality and UX per the client's needs. 

We anticipate our client's future needs, allowing seamless integration of emerging technologies and accommodating an organization's evolving demands. Our experts work closely with our clients, fostering open communication channels to better understand unique requirements and challenges. This collaborative spirit also extends internally, promoting quick and robust solutions for comprehensive problem-solving. 

Success Story: The City of Cupertino 

Cupertino wanted to improve the daily processes for its mobile workforce and streamline the integration of its GIS and Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) in the field. Their legacy architecture required field crews to either checkout data replicas or maintain a continuous VPN connection from ruggedized laptops. Both approaches were challenging to maintain and time-consuming for field crews and required significant technical support from the GIS and IT departments. 

The City moved from a single, internal server hosting ArcGIS Server and SQL to a multi-service AWS deployment. This plan reduced internal infrastructure administration costs, enabled better integration between their business systems, improved infrastructure security, and increased the number of staff utilizing new Esri cloud-based GIS tools. Cupertino significantly improved the daily processes for their mobile workforce and streamlined the integration.

Success Story: The City of San Diego

San Diego’s Environmental Services Department (ESD) used GIS to manage waste collection routes and wanted to expand its program. The technology includes three automated business systems: work management, GIS, and fleet management. To reduce staff manual labor and increase efficiency, San Diego needed an integrated interface that would pull together data from these three specialized systems. The GIS software ESD uses for collection is based on Esri’s ArcGIS software. It uses Salesforce to manage weekly schedules and Routeware on in-cab units to gather data from smart sensors and mounted fleet cameras. 

Quartic implemented an automated process to keep data current between these systems. Salesforce, ArcGIS, and Routeware communicate using web service technology. Quartic created the web service components that connect Salesforce and Routeware data. We designed an intelligent system architecture using web services to meet all driver, supervisor, and office staff requirements. Integrating Salesforce, GIS, and Routeware systems increased in-office productivity, reliability, and response times.

Quartic Leadership Team

Jodi Luostarinen, CEO

Jodi, who founded Quartic Solutions in 2004, possesses an unusual blend of GIS management, operational, and technical expertise. With over 20 years of progressive experience in the field, she continues to lead Quartic successfully into the future. Jodi earned a B.A. degree in Geography with Distinction and a M.S. degree from the College of Engineering at the University of Washington. She has many certifications, including Project Management (PMP) and Esri certification. Jodi is one of the world’s longest-standing certified GIS professionals (GISP).

Timo Luostarinen, President

Timo has over 25 years of experience in GIS and related technologies. His leadership has guided the business from a start-up into the established corporation Quartic is today. Timo has served clients in many roles throughout his career and is exceptionally versed in streamlining databases, land and environmental data, and data warehouse implementations. Timo earned a B.A. degree in Geography from San Diego State University. Timo is an exceptional enterprise solutions architect, and with his wide range of computer skills and ability to collaborate across organizations, he can solve nearly any problem.

About Quartic

Founded in 2004, Quartic has provided GIS services to tens of government and commercial customers throughout California and the West Coast. We provide our customers with a full range of GIS services and support, including staff augmentation, drone services, analysis, planning, implementation, security setup, and application development. Our team is heavily certified and always keeping up with the latest advancements to successfully tackle any GIS-related roadblock your organization faces. Our priority is to provide exceptional quality GIS systems and support to our customers. This is accomplished by focusing on client needs, implementing solid designs, and utilizing appropriate technology. Instead of expensive marketing, we let our reputation attract new clients. Visit us at: quarticsolutions.com

Ready for Action?

Mapping and spatial analysis provide insight to a great variety of industries and markets. Quartic will empower your business by harnessing the intelligence of spatial technology.
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