Quartic Participates in SDSU Panel for Students' Questions

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COMMUNITY OUTREACH: We recently participated in a panel that answered students' questions about working in the GIS industry.

Along with SDG&E, Helix Environmental, and Black Sage Environmental, Quartic Solutions discussed topics centered around working in the real world for students interested in the GIS industry.

Here are the highlights: 

How do you know if you are doing a good job, and when should you move on?
What do employers look for in a resume?
GIS is a small community where most people know each other- it is important to consider this and never burn bridges.
What classes are important for success in the real world?
Make connections; your friends from school could find jobs, and when their company is hiring they can recommend you.
What GIS organizations or groups exist in San Diego for students to participate in?

Community outreach is very important to Quartic Solutions- in fact, being involved in our local GIS industry has helped us form our amazing team. 


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