Quartic Assistance to City of San Diego GIS in 2013

CGI, a leading independent IT and business process services firm, has expanded and extended Quartic Solutions' contract to provide GIS support to the City of San Diego. In addition to daily operational support, Quartic will be supporting significant GIS initiatives such as upgrading the City GIS environment to 10.1 and other projects.

Supported departments include all City departments with GIS applications including: pubic utilities, public safety, environmental services, and development services. Supported technology includes: ArcGIS on-line, ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, and other GIS technologies.

Ready for Action?

Mapping and spatial analysis provide insight to a great variety of industries and markets. Quartic will empower your business by harnessing the intelligence of spatial technology.
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