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Esri's business partner, Quartic Solutions, worked with the City of San Marcos to assess organizational needs and designed and built an Esri ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud environment running in Microsoft Azure.

During the San Diego wildfires, San Diego County called on Quartic to provide GIS services in the EOC.  Quartic has staff who have been trained by Esri specifically for emergency response, and the skills came...

Have you ever wanted to identify the perfect location for an event, say for a wedding, a meeting, or a workshop? Quartic worked with a client that identifies ideal event locations based on a customer's specific event...

RE-ORGANIZING THE PORTAL The County of San Diego recently upgraded to a full ArcGIS Enterprise environment and since then there has been an upswing of users accessing the Portal.  Users are creating maps, applications and...

GIS LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP: Esri sponsored a full-day workshop for GIS managers in the San Diego area. Here are the highlights:  The event focused on techniques for measuring ROI (return on investment) and best practices for...

COMMUNITY OUTREACH We recently participated in a panel that answered students' questions about working in the GIS industry. Along with SDG&E, Helix Environmental, and Black Sage Environmental, Quartic Solutions discussed topics centered around working in...

DID YOU KNOW?Quartic Solutions is one of Esri's ArcGIS Online Specialty Partners! This designation is only for qualified Esri partners who have developed a proven set of valued services and solutions. Specialty Partners help customers...

QUARTIC SOLUTIONS WILL ATTEND PLANET LAB'S FIRST-EVER CONFERENCE:EXPLORE OCTOBER 15-16, SAN FRANCISCO Planet Labs made a splash at Esri User Conference 2019 in July with the release of their ArcGIS Pro desktop plug-in for Esri....

Three members of Quartic’s staff attended a comprehensive three-day Esri training course in Redlands, CA covering the ArcGIS Solutions for Emergency Management. The solution was developed from the expertise and experience of the Esri Disaster...

The City of San Diego CIO, Jonathan Behnke, Presents at Esri CIO Summit in Redlands.  The City has been working with SAP, Esri, Quartic Solutions and Critigen on integrating SAP and Esri. Agenda About Jonathan...

This interactive map shows every school shooting since Columbine High School. The Post created a database of school shootings using media reports, open-source databases, and law enforcement records (the federal government doesn't track school shootings)....

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