What is a State and Local Government Specialty?

Quartic Solutions has been an Esri partner since 2004. Esri offers these specialty badges for partners that have the qualifications for each specialty.

We are pleased to be recognized by Esri as a State and Local Government Specialty Partner. Partners in the newly launched State and Local Government Specialty Program have State and Local Government (SLG) expertise and the ability to drive value and return on investment (ROI) quickly by leveraging ArcGIS Solutions, or deploying COTS solutions in alignment with Esri’s Sector strategies.

Quartic Solutions has been providing ArcGIS platform-based solutions to state and local governments for nearly 20 years. Quartic has enabled many city, county, regional, and state agencies throughout the US to improve their operations by taking advantage of spatial technology.

We are excited to announce that Quartic will have an exhibit booth at the Esri UC for the first time ever!

The expo is open July 11th-13th, and our booth number is #2114. We are organizing many exciting booth plans, so stay tuned for details!

More about the event here:

Quartic at the Esri UC 2023

Esri User Conference 2023

Quartic can now proudly introduce itself as an Esri ArcGIS System Ready Specialty badge owner. We used to have the Release Ready badge, and now we have this new version.  

What does it mean? We just unlocked various opportunities for our company, such as gaining more Esri Specialties and earning more business. It validated our value proposition.

During the San Diego wildfires, San Diego County called on Quartic to provide GIS services in the EOC.  Quartic has staff who have been trained by Esri specifically for emergency response, and the skills came in handy.

A wide-range of tasks included: updating the evacuation orders map, providing GIS information for outgoing SMS alerts, and answering questions for the Sheriff's office.  There was a Dashboard displaying SDG&E planned & unplanned shutdown areas.

"It was important for us to be available and to react immediately as evacuation orders came through."

DANIEL LUSHER, Senior GIS Consultant


esri the science of where horizontal logo

GIS LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP: Esri sponsored a full-day workshop for GIS managers in the San Diego area.

Here are the highlights: 

The event focused on techniques for measuring ROI (return on investment) and best practices for maximizing the benefits of utilizing current GIS solutions and cloud infrastructure.  There were several speakers from Esri and Esri Business Partners, including Adam Carnow (Esri), Harry Moore (Esri), and Timo Luostarinen (president of Quartic Solutions).

Adam Carnow
Harry Moore
Timo Luostarinen


We recently participated in a panel that answered students' questions about working in the GIS industry.

Along with SDG&E, Helix Environmental, and Black Sage Environmental, Quartic Solutions discussed topics centered around working in the real world for students interested in the GIS industry.


Community outreach is very important to Quartic Solutions- in fact, being involved in our local GIS industry has helped us form our amazing team. 

Our CEO, Jodi Luostarinen, was invited to join the Esri Partner Advisory Council (PAC).

The PAC is a vital organization created in 2011.  It is made up of business executives who were selected based on their exceptional leardership qualities.  It is crucial for the ongoing development of the Esri Partner Network.  PAC members have the responsibility to represent the entire Esri Partner & Alliance channel, sharing their experiences and recommendations to drive mutually beneficial improvements in the program.  In return, Esri has a strong commitment to act on feedback from the PAC, making the group the defacto "board of directors" for the partner community.

The PAC meets in person during the Esri Partner Conference, Esri Annual User Conference, and an Annual Fall Meeting.  Otherwise, the PAC gathers online for an hour on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

The Fall Annual Meeting is coming up- this year's meeting is being held at Esri HQ in Redlands from November 11-12 2019. 

Esri Release Ready Specialty Logo

Quartic Solutions is one of Esri's Release Ready Specialty Partners!

This designation is only for qualified Esri partners who have industry expertise combined with services, solutions, and content offerings for ArcGIS.We are ready to help YOU leverage the latest capabilities!

Some of the work that we have done with current ArcGIS products include:

We also hold a second designation, the ArcGIS Online Speciality.  This is only awarded to Partners for their competency in both Esri ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS.

ArcGIS Online Esri Specialty Logo

Quartic Solutions is one of Esri's ArcGIS Online Specialty Partners!

This designation is only for qualified Esri partners who have developed a proven set of valued services and solutions. Specialty Partners help customers succeed- we can help your business implement and optimize ArcGIS Online! 

Some of the work that we have done with the ArcGIS Online & Portal include:

We also hold a second designation, the Release Ready Speciality.  This is only awarded to Partners for their competency in Esri's latest technology.

Ready for Action?

Mapping and spatial analysis provide insight to a great variety of industries and markets. Quartic will empower your business by harnessing the intelligence of spatial technology.
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