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Want to maximize your GIS to work smarter, not harder?

Quartic Solutions is committed to providing the best GIS services to make your entire organization more efficient.

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Our products & services provide your organization with the tools it needs to communicate effectively between the public, stakeholders, employees- or maybe all three!

ArcGIS Enterprise

Full-service ArcGIS Enterprise administration services performed by GIS Architects with Esri Certifications in ArcGIS System Administration and ArcGIS Enterprise Administration.

Health Checks

Let us evaluate your GIS for performance, security, system resources, depricated components, and best practices.
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Setup & Upgrade

Our set up and upgrade services include planning, pre-emptive data and code fixes, and integrations with Enterprise Business Systems. We will include recommendations for improvements that can be implimented along with the upgrade. We take the stress out of evolving your GIS.
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GIS administration is the heartbeat of your system. We make sure that the heart is healthy and reliable.
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Our analysts use GIS for solving today's environmental and social issues.
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Advanced Features

We integrate, migrate and set up specilized implimentations of ArcGIS Enterprise.
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Cloud GIS

We plan and architect your GIS migration to ArcGIS Portal, Azure, AWS, or Google. With our collaborative team based approach and best practices we take the risk out of the Cloud.

Setup & Migration

Your cloud migration can be hybrid, completely hosted, or incremental. We can help with it all.
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Small Government Cloud Based Enterprise Agreement

The perfect way to go to the cloud for smaller organizations. Quartic offers turnkey implimentations.
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ArcGIS Portal

We provide account managment, automated data refreshed, and integrations.
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Staff Augmentation

We can extend your staff or implement projects that exceed the capacity of your GIS team. Our staff can fill in when you are shorthanded, do the data cleanup that will make your GIS shine, or provide specilized skills.

Operational Support

We provide the GIS technicians or analysts who prossess the needed qualifications and experience.
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EOC Staffing

When disaster strikes it takes 24/7 GIS support. We extend your team to provide that.
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Special Projects

Sometimes challenges come up that you need help with. We will help you rise up and meet those needs by providing skilled staff and approaches.
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GIS Solutions

Esri applications unleash the value of GIS to your organization and its clients. Quartic staff can set up domain specific solutions for mobile, web, or specilized data such as landbase or utility. These applicaions allow the users to have a valuable and sleek interactive experience with your data. In addition, when you need ArcGIS functionality that doesn't exist yet we can create it.


We set up configure the latest dashboards to deliver data in a powerful manner.
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ArcGIS Parcel Fabric

Landbase management is challenging due to data quality and quantity, complex relationships, and spatial issues. Our experience with Parcel Fabric implimentations will improve your data quality along with streamlined editing and publication processes.
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ArcGIS Utility Network

Upgrade your Water and Wastewater GIS to the next level. The Utility Network provides improved data quality, preconfigured solutions, and the latest web based architecture.
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ArcGIS Field Maps

Provide your field crews with up-to-date GIS information.
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Custom Solutions

We extend your GIS using Esri supported tools and languages to make GIS work the way you need it. These solutions can be implimented inside of ArcGIS clients, in the Cloud, or on Enterprise servers.
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